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Solo walks

for dogs that need extra attention

Diamond Dog walks

Solo walks

1 Full Hour £30.00 – Monday to Friday

30 Min Walk £20.00 Monday to Friday

Weekend Supplement £10.00

Solo walks are not just for a dog that reacts in a non positive way to other dogs – it could also be that your dog is older; or a puppy that needs less time to start with (needs extra attention).

If you do have a dog that requires special handling then I can discuss this with you too.

Your German Shepherd on 30 min solo walk

Benefits of a solo walk

  1. Your dog can walk at their own pace, more beneficial for an oldie
  2. Gives your dog 100% attention
  3. Suitable for  dogs who prefer their own company or are sometimes reactive
  4. Solo walks can be on a regular daily basis or ad hoc.
  5. If basic training is needed this can be done as well as getting lots of time for fun and stimulation, and with the owner’s consent time off the lead

What to expect

Tired, Happy and Content dogs.