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Happy pack walking

Diamond Dog walks

Group walks

1 Full Hour £15.00 – Monday to Friday

Weekend Supplement £10.00

Group walks with 4 to 8 dogs including my own dog RT if he decides to come out!

A full 60 minute walk for fun, socialisation and exercise.

As long as your dog has great recall they can be off the lead were it is safe to do so and with your permission.

I walk groups in various places, keeping it varied from Woods, Fields, Reserves, Canals etc with plenty of space for them to run. Lots of stimulation as we all know how much dogs love to sniff and investigate.

All group walks are 60 minutes and pick ups and drop offs are outside of this time. If the group is more then 6 there will always be a secondary walker with me.

If your dog is reactive to other dogs ( or has other issues) check out Solo Walks

I have a Vauxhall Combo van, converted by Top Dogs. It has a new Flettner ventilator fitted to remove excess heat in warmer weather drawing in fresh, cool air from outside the vehicle as well as removing moisture, odours and airborne spores that may have built up, there is also another vent from the cabin to the back also.


What to expect

Tired, Happy and Content dogs.